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Warranty, claim, refund or replacement of goods

1. The warranty period for goods is 6 months. Only goods purchased at the Seller may claim a claim.
2. In order to claim a goods claim, the Buyer is obligated to send to the Seller, together with the defective goods, a completed and signed complaint report. You also need to provide a copy of the invoice for the recognition of the claim. You can download the Complaint Protocol for this link.
3. Claimed goods must be complete with original accessories.
4. Complaints will be resolved within the legal timeframe within 30 days of receipt of the claim.
5. The warranty period for the goods shall expire in cases where the error has been caused by incorrect treatment of the product, mechanical damage, operation in unsuitable conditions or unauthorized interference with the product. Product errors caused by natural disaster are also excluded from the warranty.
6. The buyer pays the postage cost of sending the goods on the complaint.
7. The Buyer may lodge a claim in writing by sending a complaint Form to Jurkens s.r.o., Tajovského 10, 052 01, Spišská Nová Ves or electronically by sending a copy of a completed and signed complaint Form to

In Spisska Nova Ves, on 1.9.2017